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What's our expertise? Or What do we offer?

Team at Codebase focus on the critical parameters of client’s business and Best Practices across the industry. The invariable aspect of services offered by Codebase includes an in depth analysis of critical factors in operations, viable technologies, strategy, transformation, digitalization. Our experienced professionals operate in a focused functional areas to deliver superior services.


Not just a POS, Your whole business in the palm of your hand

Codebase Tablemate is a one stop solution to manage restaurants digitally. With Tablemate, it's time to say Goodbye to paper menus, order books, inventory logs, accounting books, employee muster; Growing competition in service industry compels business owners to opt for a solution that can make working of their business simpler and smoother.
Tablemate, developed on the Cloud, is a great application to manage a restaurant and its verticals in a digital way.
With Table mate, restaurant owners can seamlessly manage everything in their restaurant 24X7 including ingredients, inventory, supply chain, menu, kitchen operations, finance and accounting as well as CRM on a Single Easy to use Mobile application!


Way to manage your people

Human Resource Information Management System by Codebase, is a versatile product that encompasses the complete employee life cycle in an organization.
The era of complex HR systems with ATS and Payroll integration issues is over.
Codebase HRIMS is a web based application that understands each and every parameter involved in managing human resource in an organization.
Our HRIMS tool supports the entire HR Operations Cycle from Recruitment, Applicant Tracking, Time Tracking, Payroll, Performance Reviews and Exit Interviews.

Inventory Management


The Codebase Inventory Management System is a comprehensive solution for entities dealing with physical inventory.
The application is an excellent solution to prevent malpractice and mismanagement of goods; as well as manage the entire stock and sales of the business.
Our solutions factors in complex operations including Stock Management, Purchase Management, Stock Requests, Dispatches, Vendor / Supplier Management, Sales Forecasting and Reporting.
Our robust software is completely customizable to the needs, size and budget of an enterprise. This time saving solution ensures growth and efficient running of the business operations.
Codebase inventory manager is a practical tool designed with high precision taking into account an extensive array of parameters that can affect the productivity of an enterprise.

Logistics Manager

Way to manage the inbounds and outbounds of goods

The Codebase Logistics Manager is an excellent solution to manage the supply chain for businesses of all sizes. With increasing worldwide competition, an adaptable and more scalable supply chain is in high demand which has actually put the working of logistics and transport operators under pressure to deliver efficient services and provide customer satisfaction. This solution incorporates an adaptable and scalable solution to manage Transport Operators and delivery efficiency. Codebase logistics manager integrates the working of supply chain, keeping an eye on the stock book as well as expense and execution. Logistics Manager includes Contract Builder, Customer Manager, Shipment Dispatcher, Brokerage Modules, along with Generating Invoices, Managing Purchase Orders, Managing Inventory and Tracking Payments.

Financial Management System

Way to manage money matters

With Codebase Financial management System entrepreneur thrive to empower their finances thereby giving enough space to effective strategic planning. Codebase-FMS is an easy to understand and easy to adapt tool that can match varied work environments. Financial management system being inevitable for today's fast moving businesses in the most volatile market, Codebase Solutions financial management system can automate and streamline the working of finance department. Codebase Financial Management System is a simple and easily adaptable web based application primarily fruitful to small and medium size organizations in managing and monitoring financial transactions. The system offers same level of finesse and features that are usually available as that used by large organization. CB-FMS can manage and generate multiple accounting journals, ledgers and reports like general ledger, balance sheet, Cash flows, profit & loss account, account payables, account receivables, book keeping, finance dashboard and many such other utilities.