About Us

Codebase Solutions is a technology company creating valuable business solutions. We foster technology to increase business efficiency and profitability by creating high-performance, enterprise level software to fit varied business models.

Our solutions are developed and deployed to create a smoother and more efficient workflow, resulting in effective operations, achievable KPI's and business growth. Our solutions have been implemented for companies and corporations from various sectors including Retail; Transport & Logistics; and Service industries including Food & Beverage.
Our team consists of an exceptional blend of technology and business specialists who work in co-ordination with our clients to create unique solutions encouraging overall growth and surpassing business goals. We continue to create value through extensive analyses and studies on business operations with a constant eye on simplification and efficiency. Apart from creating resilient prototypes that evaluate the stability of complex workflows, we ensure concrete execution and provide sustainability training to clients.
Codebase Solutions enables companies to swiftly transform their workflow and workforce management to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape without compromising on efficiency. Our flexible business solutions can handle any level of complexity, data and business needs.

Our Values

Our team at Codebase consists of highly qualified thought leaders in the industry. We believe in continuous learning and improving while always exceeding our customer's expectations.

//Our clients are our priority: We strive to surpass the expectations of our customers.

//Quality above all: Our products and solutions maintain the highest standards of quality through continuous checks and constant improvements.

//We think ahead of the game: As an organization striving for technological excellence and innovation, we believe in continuous learning across domains and industries. We are always up to date, which allows us to provide next generation products and solutions.

//We are ethical: Codebase maintains the highest ethical standards by ensuring transparency and compliance within our workplace, client base and solutions.

//We love learning: Staying ahead of the game requires continuous learning and development. We ensure that our team and customers are provided with every resource to increase their knowledge and add value.

//We have Fun: Why should work always be about work alone? We at Codebase try and strike a balance between work and fun , thereby maintaining a high degree of employee engagement and motivation.

Our Team

We are a team of growing passionate software designers with a combined expertise from two technically sound companies.

We believe to work jointly and grow immensely. Corporate culture at Codebase provide friendly work environment where focus is on developing individual skills of employees who are passionate to acquire knowledge and expand their potentials.


Codebase perceive its strength in its people. We welcome ambitious people who believes in innovation and is having an aptitude to adapt the changes taking place in an organization while on job and on the other hand have high regards for integrity and clarity while representing the company.

Write to us ~ hr@codebase.bz

Our Methodology

CBSII product cycle

CBSII service cycle

Codebase offers a complete solution for designing, development and deployment of products and a project as a whole. Before plotting the software plan, we usher in an in-depth study of the company, its processes and the industry in which the company strives, so that we deliver breakthrough tailor made solutions that comply with specific requirements of the company.

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